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Durmin Project


DURMIN is an open-pittable low-sulphidation epithermal gold-silver deposit discovered in 1959 and first drilled in 1983. The TEO submitted at Krai level in 2010 supported:

  • In-situ value of $860 million
  • 85.8% gold recovery and 46.3% silver recovery
  • Production license to 2025 (extendable)

Located adjacent to the regionally important Sikhote-Alin Fault. This belt of mineral deposits along the Sikhote-Alin can be traced from the Amur River mouth in the north, 1600 km to the south. NNW ‘splay’ off the Sikhote-Alin appears to be a major structural control on the location of Durmin.

Durmin Results


  • 26 holes complete for 5,550.9 m
  • Previous TEO results validated
  • Both Main and South Lodes extended significantly beyond the existing resource
  • Multiple high grade plunging shoots identified
  • Open in multiple directions


  • Durmin anomaly has possible 4km strike length (x 10 of previous)
  • Numerous additional gold-in-soils and copper-moly-gold soil targets identified.


  • Highlights multiple structural controls on gold mineralization
  • Apparent magnetite destructive alteration associated with anomalous copper-moly-gold soil targets (indicative of porphyry)

Durmin Poject – Long Section

  • 2020 drilling supports multiple SW plunging shoots
  • Open at depth
  • Multiple additional high grade shoots possible
  • Basal fault appears to post-date mineralisation